Infrastructure facilities:
Land: Own Land    
Land Shedule: Mouza- Nandakumarpur    
R.S. J.L.No.: 139, L.R. J.L. No.: 121    
R.S. Khatian No.: 697    
Plot No.: 1801    
Area: 0.64    
Quality of Construction    
Pakka (RCC) : YES (17803.60 Sq. fts)
Plastering : YES
Painting : YES
Flooring : YES
Wood Work : YES
Ventilation : YES
Light : YES
Boundary wall : YES

Three storied pucca building with adequate number of rooms, near about 17803.60 Sq.ft.
(a) Instruction carpet area   748.22 Sqm
(b) Administrative carpet area   121.375 Sqm
(c) Other Area   785.02    Sqm
(d) TOTAL BUILT UP AREA   1654.61 Sqm
(e) Class Room No. (2) (i) 1009.45 Sq.ft
(ii) 1000.41  Sq.ft
(f) Multipurpose Hall (i) 2178.9 Sq.ft.
(g) Principal’s Room (i) 200.64  Sq.ft.
(h) Office Room (i) 294.55 Sq.ft.
(i) Staff Room (i) 435.78  Sq.ft.
(j) Science & Mathematics resource Centre Laboratory (i) 400.83 Sq.ft.
(l) Psychology  resource  Centre/ Lab (i) 400.50 Sq.ft.
(m) E.T. Lab (i) 294.50 Sq.ft.
(n) Library cum reading Room (i) 800.30 Sq.ft
(o)   ICT  Resource Centre (i) 400.80  Sq.ft.
(p) Art and Craft Resource Centre (i) 286.48 Sq.ft
(q) Health and Physical Education Resource Centre (i) 352.39 Sq.ft.
(r) Administrative Office (i) 287.83   Sq.ft.
(s) Visitors Room (i) 137.19  Sq.ft.
(t) Girl’s Common Room (i) 217.89  Sq.ft.
(u) Seminar Room (i) 600.74  Sq.ft.
(v) Canteen (i) 435.78  Sq.ft

Separate Toilet Facility forBoys and Girls

(i) 333.56 Sq.ft
(ii) 379.29Sqft
(x) Music Room (i) 200.78 Sq.ft
(y) Language Laboratory (i) 200.64 Sq.ft
(z) SUPW Room (i) 354.11 Sq.ft
(zi) Boys Common Room (i) 237.90 Sq. ft
(zii) Parking Space (i) 816.14 Sq.ft.
(ziii) Store Room (i) 150.64 Sq.ft
(ziv) Multi Purpose Play Field (i) 10074.58   Sq.ft
  Total Build up area in the Building : 17803.60 Sq.ft.
  Provision of Hostel  if any : Yes
    : Residential